Welcome to the Private Sector Emergency Management Association!

As a member of PSEMA, you now have access to exclusive planning and implementation resources, information sharing platforms, business to business networking opportunities, and the ability to engage with government officials.  When a disaster happens, PSEMA will initiate industry specific calls and provide updates to our members through regular email communication, phone calls, and our online disaster portal.

Are you looking for a contact with a specific expertise? Would you like to connect with other business owners to talk about how they prepare for a disaster? Select the Industry Committee(s) you would like to receive information about and look through the online resources and networking opportunities exclusively available to PSEMA members.

Most importantly, PSEMA wants to focus on what you and your business need, so we want to hear from you. Are there issues important to you that PSEMA members should discuss during an upcoming virtual networking call? What concerns do you have about preparing your business and employees for a disaster or hazardous event that could strike your community? How confident are you with the resources and training you have to build a resiliency plan?

We are here to support your organization with business continuity planning, collaborating on disaster response, identifying ways to support during recovery, and other important emergency management and resilience planning topics.