PSEMA offers monthly webinars on a variety of topics including an overview of PSEMA collaboration tools, building a simple business continuity plan, supply chain partners (how prepared are they), and weather resources available to assist businesses in preparing for disasters.


In today’s world, where crises overlap and the unexpected has become the norm, it’s crucial for leaders to navigate these turbulent times with confidence and skill. “The Permacrisis Playbook: Navigating Communication Chaos with Confidence” is a must-attend webinar that offers insightful strategies for thriving in an environment of continuous crisis. This session is designed to empower leaders, communicators, and decision-makers with a robust set of tools and knowledge to not only manage, but also to excel in the face of ongoing challenges.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Produce Seismic Change Through Proactive Crisis Communication Strategies:
    • Learn the significance of shifting from a reactive to a proactive mindset in crisis communications.
    • Understand how a forward-thinking approach can transform potential threats into big change for your organization.
    • Gain insights into strategic planning that anticipates and mitigates crisis impacts.
  • Embrace a Panoramic View of Risk:

    • Explore the concept of panoramic risk assessment and its benefits in today’s complex environment.
    • Learn techniques to identify and evaluate risks from a comprehensive, 360-degree perspective.
    • Understand how this broader view can safeguard your organization against unexpected crises.
  • Establish Shared Frameworks to Reduce Information Silos and Relieve C-suite Stress:

    • Discover the importance of breaking down communication silos within your organization.
    • Explore how shared frameworks can enhance collaboration and decision-making, particularly in the C-suite.
    • Learn practical steps to implement these frameworks and achieve cohesive crisis management.
  • Leverage AI and Technology for a Competitive Edge:
    • Dive into the world of AI and technological innovations in crisis communications management.
    • Discover how leveraging these tools can provide significant advantages in predicting, managing, and resolving crises.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is tailored for CEOs, business leaders, communication professionals, risk managers, and anyone interested in enhancing their crisis management skills. Whether you’re looking to refine your existing strategies or build new ones from the ground up, this session will offer valuable insights and practical solutions.

Join us for this enlightening journey through the landscape of permacrisis management and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to lead with confidence, no matter what chaos unfolds.

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