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May 8 – 9, 2024 | H-E-B, Cypress Tower | San Antonio, Texas

VisionCast 2024 is set to convene leaders from business, industry, NGOs, and government agencies from across the nation. We will engage in vital discussions on current and emerging threats that impact our communities and the very framework of our homeland security. Our agenda includes topics as critical as the 2026 World Cup Games, 2024 Presidential election security, and port operations. Furthermore, we will unveil Pratus, PSEMA’s innovative Teams-based platform, designed to advance our collaborative capabilities in emergency management.

In light of increasing threats, both natural and man-made, our symposium will focus on transforming dialogue into actionable strategies. The reality is stark—our nation faces year-round, escalating threats that challenge the traditional notion of a “disaster season.” From enhancing local resiliency to reinforcing our national infrastructure, our discussions will delve into the necessity of preparedness in every sector.

A highlight of VisionCast 2024 will be a two-hour group discussion on Homeland Defense activities, facilitated in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Coordinating Office in Region 6. This session includes a table top exercise simulating a threat scenario affecting the Northwest United States, offering participants a hands-on experience in managing cascading impacts and exploring ways the private sector can provide crucial support.

Your participation at VisionCast 2024 is not only an opportunity to gain and share insights but also a chance to network with peers and leaders who are equally dedicated to our communities and our country.

VisionCast 2024 Agenda & Speakers

Wednesday, May 8th (8:30 am -5 pm)

  • Welcome to VisionCast 2024
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Election Security
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Animal Response in Incidents
  • PSEMA Incident Support
  • 2026 World Cup and Business Engagement
  • When It Hits the Fan: Managing Crisis with Credibility | Howard B. Price, CBCP/MBCI
  • Port Security and Operations
  • Business Continuity
  • Day One Recap
  • Networking Reception

Thursday, May 9th (8:30 am -2 pm)

  • Day One Recap and Day Two Overview
  • Private Sector Support in a Homeland Defense Incident Workshop
  • Pratus Overview
  • Table Top Exercise: Private Sector Support in a Homeland Defense Incident
  • Vision Cast Take Aways and Next Steps

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