Private Sector Emergency Management Association

Helping businesses get back to work when a disaster strikes

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Connecting Businesses in Times of Need

PSEMA acts as a conduit between the private sector and government agencies to prevent or lessen any negative effects when major emergencies and disasters occur.

We envision a completely integrated preparedness, risk reduction, and response reality between businesses, industry stakeholders and public sector agencies across the United States.

Membership Benefits That Keep Giving

When you or your organization joins PSEMA, you will gain access to valuable resources:

  • Access to a community of private sector businesses who understand the unique challenges of crisis management and experts in disaster preparedness and recovery.

  • Ongoing education and training opportunities to better equip you to handle future disruptions and become more resilient as a business.

  • Access to resources and best practices to help your business develop comprehensive plans and strategies to minimize disruption and ensure a quick return to normal operations.

  • Collaborative opportunities to receive assistance if your business is impacted or provide vital support to others for a quicker recovery.

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