What’s PSEMA?

Private Sector Emergency Emergency Management is:

  • The ONLY national emergency management association for business & industry

  • A 501 (c)(6) organization founded in 2021

  • Helping businesses prepare for natural and man-made disasters

  • Providing resources during and after a crisis to aid in response and recovery

Our Vision

The Association envisions a completely integrated preparedness, risk reduction, and response reality between businesses, industry stakeholders, nongovernmental organizations, and public sector agencies across the United States.

Our Mission

The mission of the Association is to support the private sector before, during, and after times of major disruption or disaster by providing business resilience education, raising awareness of limitations impacting business, and rapidly identifying and marshaling available resources to bolster business continuity and community recovery.

Facilitating Cross-Sector Communication

The Association facilitates business-to-business conversations and coordination related to the homeland security and emergency management enterprises.

PSEMA coordinates cross-sector communication so that businesses can help businesses get back to work when a disaster strikes. PSEMA provides a conduit between the private sector and government agencies to prevent and lessen any negative effects when major emergencies and disasters occur.

The Private Sector Emergency Management Association (PSEMA) is incorporated in the State of Texas and is a 501(c)(6) organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Interested in joining PSEMA?

What Members are Saying

“Key private sector companies are always willing to help communities in crisis. PSEMA serves as an excellent resource for private sector to come together to offer help or receive critical information or support during times of crisis.  They were instrumental in our response to Hurricane Ian in 2022 by providing key information and resources.”

– Penny Neferis, JetBlue, Director Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Response

Penny Neferis, JetBlue
Justen Noakes, H-E-B

“Access to private sector emergency management professionals across all different industries around the clock, especially from a preparedness perspective, not to mention during an actual incident…easily worth the investment.”

Justen Noakes, H-E-B, Director of Emergency Preparedness

“I joined PSEMA because it is the only group where everyone is dedicated to cross-industry problem solving—helping businesses stay in business so they can help their communities post-disaster. That willingness to share information and collaborate for the benefit of disaster survivors makes me proud to be part of this unique organization”

– Kathy Fulton, American LogisticsAid Network, Executive Director

Kathy Fulton, American LogisticsAid Network, Executive Director
John Albrecht, Disaster Recovery Services

“PSEMA allows us the opportunity to continue to assist with rebuilding communities in areas impacted by disasters. Being a part of a mission that aligns ourselves further with individuals and companies who help build resiliency after a devastating event was too hard to pass up.”

John Albrect, Disaster Recovery Services, CEO

“PSEMA provides access to emergency management professionals across many industries and organizations. A network of experts for real time problem solving and mentoring.”

– Mary Anne Adams, General Motors/On Star, Disaster Response Leader

Mary Anne Adams