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PSEMA Response Platform

PSEMA is working with Disaster Tech to build a customized platform of their Decision science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE) for members to collaborate when a disaster happens. DICE will provide prioritized channels for communicating with other PSEMA members, industry committee members, general PSEMA discussions, and a database of pertinent resources available from PSEMA partners.

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PSEMA Members can participate in regularly scheduled calls when the Association activates to support a disaster. Association leadership will monitor calls with state and federal government partners and NGO or association calls to gather information to provide to our members. PSEMA leadership recognizes that businesses have limited time available for participation in calls for situational awareness. The Association provides these scheduled updates for members to convey important information from government partners.

Industry Committee Calls

PSEMA members can attend regularly scheduled calls of PSEMA Industry Committees when the Association is activated to support a disaster. Industry Committee discussions will focus on the needs of members within that specific industry or domain, requests to or from government partners, and cross-sector support.

Response Resources

Disaster recovery continues to evolve in size and scope with every catastrophic event that impacts a community. The private sector plays a crucial role in responding to these disasters within their own communities, region, and around the country.

PSEMA has identified valuable business response resources available for both government and private sector partners that address hazardous weather events, man-made incidents such as active threats and cybersecurity, and longer-term operational impact requiring climate resilience considerations.

Business Recovery

When disaster strikes, the economic recovery of the community is a priority once initial response efforts have concluded. The sooner the business community can reopen, the faster the recovery and reduced financial impact to the local community. Business of all sizes can play a role in the recovery process following a disaster.

PSEMA has identified a set of credible business recovery resources available for government and private sector partners. These cover a wide range of situations, planning protocols, implementable actions, and guidance for decision making that can be integrated into your existing business recovery and restoration initiatives.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Disaster Assistance Emergency Disaster Designation and Declaration Process
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Disaster Help Desk for Business
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Disaster Corporate Aid Trackers
U.S. Department of Agriculture Disaster Assistance Discovery Tool
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Local Chamber Recovery Quick Guide
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Small Business Disaster Recovery Quick Guide
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Small Business Recovery Guide
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Recovery Guide
Disaster Recovery and Continuity Guide for Colorado Businesses
U.S. Economic Development Administration Disaster Recovery Brochure
Insurance Information Institute Steps for developing a small business disaster recovery plan
IRS Disaster Loss Deductions
IRS Disaster Assistance
IRS Reconstructing Records after a Disaster
IRS Tax Relief in Disaster Situations
IRS Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief for Individuals and Businesses
IRS Disaster Relief Resources for Charities and Contributors
IRS Disaster Relief Providing Assistance through Charitable Organizations
U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Recovery Resources
U.S. Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster Loans
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation – Community Economic Recovery Guidebook