About Us

The mission of the Penn State Energy Marketing Association (PSEMA) is to establish an intellectual forum where likeminded individuals shall discuss, share, engage in, and debate content related to energy marketing for the purpose of acquiring industry fluidity and augmenting personal marketability.

What is Energy Marketing?  In the words from Powerex.com:

  •  “In its simplest terms, ‘energy trading and marketing’ is the buying, selling and moving of bulk energy from where it is produced to where it is needed.”

Goals and Activities:

  • Weekly career development segments with presentations focused on specific aspects of energy marketing. Will be given by guest speakers, PSEMA members, or Penn State faculty.
  • Publish a bi-weekly energy market newsletter containing comprehensive price forecasts for the oil and natural gas sectors. The newsletter also includes renewable energy updates and special features regarding energy research at Penn State.
  • Contribute to the newsletter, acquire industry skills, get published, and put it on your resume.
  • PSEMA has received praise and interest from multiple Fortune 500 energy companies and is collaborating with them to plan special events such as:

a.  Trading Simulations

b. Sponsored trip to New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)

c. Sponsored trip to Oil Rig/ Frac Site

d. Exclusive recruiting events

Bridging the Gap

  • Energy marketing is unique in that it brings together engineers and business backgrounds alike for a common purpose. PSEMA embraces this notion and is excited to establish an academically diverse forum that bridges the gap between technical and non-technical degree programs.
Business and Non-Technical Majors
Engineers and Technical Majors